National Parks Tour – Yellowstone Pt. 1

I think I’ve been staring at my screen for 10 minutes, unsure how to start the YELLOWSTONE POSTS, dun dun DUNNN. Okay, it’s not that dramatic, but Yellowstone is BIG and we were there for 4 nights…so there is a lot.

We arrived in Yellowstone National Park around 7 ish pm on June 27. It took about a half hour or more just to get to our campsite in Bridge Bay Campground.  Our site was gorgeous! The weather was still a bit rough and pretty cold. It also hit me that we were tent camping in bear country now, yikes! Didn’t see any bears that first night, but we did see some elk on our way into the campground!

Our site was nestled back in the trees, so we were surrounded by that great piney smell! We also weren’t to far from the bathroom, which was nice. 🙂 After we set up camp, we headed over to the Lake Hotel for a late dinner.  We decided to have dinner here our first night, so that we wouldn’t have to cook (ha!) and also because Lake Yellowstone Hotel is the oldest hotel in the park!

Yellowstone Summer Ale

We’d recommend…

  • having dinner at one of the lodges!
  • deciding which campground or lodge you would like to stay in and book EARLY. Yellowstone is popular and fills up fast!
  • a thick, warm sleeping bag if you are tent camping.
  • research camping in bear country before you decide if you’d like to camp in a tent, rv…or lodge. 🙂  It’s fine if you follow the “rules”, but I’ll admit that I found it to be a bit inconvenient.

Wish we’d thought of…

  • having dinner at one of the lodges sooner! Ha, our reservation ended up being at 8:45 pm. There are a handful of the restaurants that require a reservation, so be sure to check yellowstone’s website early on in your planning!
  • how unpredictable weather can be. Pack for all climates! Even if the forecast says it will be nice, plan for some chillier nights.

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