National Parks Tour – Mount Rushmore, Custer & More

Day 3 of our excursion we packed up camp and headed to Deadwood, SD, but not without a couple stops on the way. First, we stopped at Custer State Park and had a picnic lunch then drove the wildlife loop. It’s a gorgeous park and we saw lots of wildlife. Mostly bison, but also pronghorn and deer. I was really hoping to get to see some pronghorn, so I was pretty stoked about that. And even though we had seen some bison in the Badlands…well, those were so far away. Seeing them up close was completely different!


After Custer State Park, we headed up to Mount Rushmore National Monument.  We were pretty impressed with this park. Though, I will say, it’s totally smaller than I was expecting, haha! There is the President’s Trail you can walk on (it’s not long), so we did that. Then we wanted to get some of Jefferson’s Ice Cream…but the lines were insane, so we headed out.


After Mount Rushmore, we finished our drive to Deadwood. We had a bumpy start here, but it all worked out. After we got settled, we took a little walk around town and ended up seeing a distillery…with free samples. It was moonshine! And it was good. Ha! We tried a few flavors and ended up buying the coffee flavored one. We also had a drink at the original site of Wild Bill Hickock’s murder!

We had dinner at the Deadwood Social Club and after dinner drinks at the current Saloon Number 10. We took another stroll around town, checking out some more historical sites before getting some shut eye.

The next morning, before we left for Yellowstone, we made a stop at Mt. Morian Cemetary. This is were Wild Bill, Calamity Jane and Bullock are buried. I was a little cranky at first (finally getting some blisters, ha), but it was pretty neat.

After the cemetery, we hit the road to YELLOWSTONE! We had about 8 hours ahead of us and had gotten a later start than expected. I also decided to check the weather…and discovered the forecast was now 10-15 degrees colder and wetter than it had been when we left 4 days ago. We encountered a few storms on the way, some rain…mostly high winds. Like 50+ mph, it was pretty crazy! Oh and some construction on a mountain road.
But, finally…around 7pm, we made it to Yellowstone! 🙂

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